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My brain has been in so many places lately, all of which have kept me from being here. Mentally I’ve been here a lot, but in the actual physical world, I haven’t gotten myself here. There is much I want to do here and we’ll see if I can make that happen.

For the moment, I’ve read a few things I found fascinating and worth sharing.

John Scalzi, science fiction author, wrote recently about the 20th anniversary of hosting his own site. I haven’t been hosting this one nearly that long but I have no regrets at all about having moved from Google’s Blogspot to my own site. If you aren’t hosting your own site yet and are interested in doing so, check out Reclaim Hosting. Affordable and surprisingly reliable, you can’t do better.

The always fabulous Zac Chase (who is making my day by writing so often these days) has written a bunch of fabulous pieces recently but this one really struck me. He recommends a ‘teacher exit ticket’, a way of reflecting on lessons. As one who believes that reflection is the most critical skill teachers need, this caught me.

I’ve read two pieces recently about the idea of arming teachers that I think really understand the reality. The first is from Chris Lehmann and focuses on why this discussion is happening and why it needs to stop. The second is from Larry Cuban and focuses more on why this is a terrible idea.

The final one I want to share is from Pernille Ripp. She writes about the importance of sharing books that will speak to and offer the experiences of all types of kiddos.

Enjoy these posts from people who are managing to get their thinking together (unlike me).

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