Reading Too Narrowly

I regularly have a ridiculous number of tabs open in my browser (that little image is what it looks like right now). A few stay open all the time (my teux-deux list, my email, tweetdeck, and my RSS reader). Everything else is temporary. But temporary can mean open for months and months depending. Some tabs are things I want to read or watch. Some are things I want to share or write about. Others are things I need to hang on to until I can take care of something. That might mean talk to my husband or daughters about it, decide if it is something I want to/can do, etc.

The open tabs that I want to share I’m working on sharing here. I did it about a week ago and I’d like to do it regularly. However, after posting that last one I realized I had shared pieces from three white men and one white woman.

Is that a sign that I’m not reading widely enough? Probably.

Is that a sign that I’m not paying enough attention and therefore connecting enough to writers of color that I am reading? Probably.

Are there factors that mean more white men are writing regularly? Possibly.

I’ve made a conscious effort to have the people I read consistently on twitter be a diverse group, in many ways. I read educators and noneducators. I read people who teach at all levels from pre-K through higher ed. I read men, women, and non-binary folk. I read people who live in different places in the U.S. and around the world. I read people of different races and ethnicities. It’s far from perfect, but I’ve been more consciously thoughtful about my twitter feed than I have my RSS feed.

Who are you reading that I should be reading?

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  1. timstahmer says:

    My reading list is also lacking in diversity so I’d be very interested in any recommendations you receive.

    As to the problem of too many open tabs, may I recommend Instapaper? When you find an article you want to read later, simply send it to Instapaper from the browser on your computer or from many different news/info apps on your phone or tablet. When you have a few minutes to read, open the Instapaper site or free app and everything is right there, with the added bonus of simple formatting and no ads.

    And thanks for making my site one of your open tabs. 🙂

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