This Kid is Winning

I only have two fully-virtual students now and, today, one of them was absent. The other one was doing an impressive job of doing what we were all doing with minimal support from me.

Our big task this afternoon was a social studies project based assessment. (We used to have state tests in science and social studies in third grade so now we’re required to do some other form of standard assessment.) We’ve been planning and drafting all week so that we could create the final draft today.

In the chat, I asked my one virtual kiddo, “Are you going to make google slides?”

He responded, “Yes. I did the assignment.”

I realized he thought the slides he’d done this week to plan and draft were the full assignment. So I gave a little more information and his response was priceless.

I wanted to respond with, “You’re done. Full credit.”

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  1. I love this so much! Thank you for sharing it and give that kid a big next time you are in-person with them.

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