Virtual Appreciation Note: Audrey Watters

As I’ve been thinking about the people I want to appreciate I realized that one of the things I am most grateful for are the efforts being done that I can’t do. Audrey Watters does so many things I can’t do. I also appreciate her because she does things I’m unwilling to do. She’s smarter and more diligent than almost anyone else I know.

For years Audrey has written about educational technology. She has followed more news streams, even ones that are more promotional than meaningful, than I even knew existed. She analyzes what she reads, makes connections, and brings it all together in meaningful ways for the rest of us.

In the midst of this time, which has likely cost Audrey a significant percentage of her income as she cannot travel to give talks, she has offered to speak to classes anywhere. And when Audrey speaks, she gives it all she’s got. Every talk she does is a new talk. And she publishes those talks on her site. Again, she’s capable of personalizing talks in ways that never cease to astound me.

Audrey is not only brilliant and works super hard, but she is generous and funny. Interactions with Audrey, online or in person, result in my learning something new and being generally happier. I truly don’t know how she does the work she does, for a multitude of reasons, but I know we all are better as a result of it.

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  1. Audrey is life.
    Enough said.

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