Virtual Appreciation Note: The Minors

After more than two decades of marriage, I know I am a better teacher because of my husband. As we are both in education (although at opposite ends of the age spectrum for our students) we learn from each other all the time. Talking about work is a different thing for us than it would be if we were in different fields.

I’m thinking about this because this appreciation note is to two people: Kass and Cornelius Minor. Not only are they both educators and, I feel fairly confident, make each other better at it all the time, but they work together in a variety of settings.

Kass and Cornelius are experts in literacy but literacy isn’t their first priority, students are. Their work always has students in front. Following them on twitter, reading their writing, hearing them speak at conferences, no matter where you will always find that they trust students, care for students, and are focused on students. It means their work around literacy is even more powerful because it comes from knowledge of students and their learning.

Equally important is the work Kass and Cornelius do around equity. I follow a lot of people on twitter and the ones I follow most closely are usually people I know well. Kass and Cornelius are not people I know well but they are on my list of folks I read closely. I know their tweets will be genuinely who they are and through that will help me learn. Their own thoughts, things they share, and their retweets all are a part of my learning about how to be a more equitable educator and how to do that work beyond my own classroom.

They make it look easy but I feel confident it isn’t. That’s one of many reasons I appreciate them.

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