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Feeling Lucky & Grateful

I’m returning to work on Monday. I will miss napping. I will missĀ being able to go to the gym at times other than 5 am. I will have to work harder to get writing done on my book manuscript. It will get a bit more complicated to get our 11th grader and 7th grader to and from all the places they need to go. (Although they’re pretty darn good about catching rides or walking as needed.) I’ll missĀ getting to do so much reading. I’ll miss having time to make sure my house is well organized and picked up. (If you come over in the next month or so, I apologize in advance.)

I don’t know this kid but I wish I did as I would love to have them in my class. From Jon Candy’s flickr.

That said, I cannot wait to be back at school with my third graders. I have repeatedly gone through my list of students alphabetically (from my four kiddos whose names start with A to my one whose name starts with T) to be sure I actually remember them all.* It’s been 50 days since I saw them and it’ll be two more. Other than maternity leaves I’ve never gone this long away from a class.

I’m picking my computer up tonight from a colleague/friend and I will spend this weekend planning. I have never been so excited to plan for my time with students. I’m actually even looking forward to Valentine’s Day and I don’t think that’s ever been true! Other than the day after Halloween and, possibly, April Fools Day, it’s typically my least favorite day in an elementary school. Not this year. This year, right now, I am beyond excited for whatever days will be as long as I get to be with my students.

In case I wasn’t sure, I really do love my job. I really, really do. How lucky am I to make a decent living (I’ll admit I’m not getting rich, but I’m also lucky enough to not be struggling) doing something that brings me so much joy? I know the job is hard. I know the job has a lot of junk that annoys me. But I have fabulous colleagues, fabulous students, and their fabulous families. The rest of it fades in comparison with all of that. I am grateful.


I promise to share blog posts soon that explain the long story behind this one. My joy is just too great to contain right now. This one needed to be written.

*When my 7th grader was in first grade we were in the same school and the same grade. We were discussing students over the two week winter holiday, talking about her friends, and she mentioned one that I remembered from her kindergarten class. I said, “I remember B. She’s such a lovely kid. Is she in your class this year? My first grader looked at me with great disgust and said, “Mom. B is in YOUR class.” That was only 16 days away from my kiddos. What will it be like to return after 52?