Awesome Librarian

We have a new librarian, Tree. She has only been in the position since the beginning of January but you would think she’s been at it for years. On a recent Monday morning my class headed to the library just as it was beginning to snow. The first thing she did was teach the kids […]

Kids Make Life Better

This morning I was in a major funk. Situational depression is probably an apt description of where I was twelve hours ago. Hence the blog post I wrote this morning. Since that time I did go back to bed, read some Agatha Christie, and napped a little. I felt a need to regularly check my […]

Virtual Notes of Appreciation

Some years ago a writing project friend said something about writing notes (handwritten ones) to colleagues every week. At that point I’d been sending postcards to my students throughout the year and writing to my aunt and grandmother regularly so I was totally on board with handwritten messages as being meaningful. It just hadn’t ever […]