Reasons I Am Awesome, #8

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these and I figured I’d basically covered everything I could think of. And this one is, I’ll admit, slightly lame. Well, it’s fairly insignificant, all things considered. But I’m including it. I go through the lunch line in the cafeteria with my students. This means […]

Reason I’m Awesome, #4

This blog experiment may be nearing an end. I may be running out of ‘reasons I’m awesome’ already. I don’t think this will be quite the therapeutic process I’d planned if I can count my reasons for awesomeness on one hand… I take a lot of pictures at school. I’ve done this for years, long […]

Absolutely Awesome

Yesterday I introduced my first graders to Turtle Art. To be honest, I’m not sure what made me do so. Numerous knowledgeable people I respect have told me that Turtle Art fits best with 3rd graders or older. Earlier this year I introduced it to our AAP (advanced academic programs) 3rd graders and they loved […]