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This week’s mission in the #MTBoS was focused on twitter. Sadly, I kept forgetting about it so now the next mission is up and I’m behind. Sigh.

So many of the folks participating in the various missions are middle school and high school teachers. Reading their tweets proves to me how much I have forgotten from those years. It’s good for me to see this.

It is really fun to see the work samples and ideas from those levels of math content though.

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  1. Chris Harris says:

    Hello from the MTBoS
    I’ve bookmarked your blog so that I can continue reading it!
    I’m a 4-5 math coach in Southern California. But I’ve never been in elementary school – I was a middle school math teacher for 15 years and just changed positions.
    So I’m relying on you to keep me grounded and informed on elementary stuff – keep posting.

    btw I taught for 10 years in a full inclusion middle school and loved it. I actually don’t know why schools do anything else! My son is a middle school SPED teacher in a full inclusion middle school.
    You’re making a better world for you SPED students and the others!

    • jenorr says:

      It is so wonderful to hear others who believe in inclusion! It’s been the norm for me for more than a decade and I often forget how many schools don’t do it.

      I hope your switch from middle school to elementary is wonderful! I can promise that the kids will be a lot more excited about everything you offer them!

  2. Jessica says:

    Oh I am behind too…needed to catch up on A LOT of blogging! I also love to hear about the elementary world, it’s easy to forget that it’s vastly different from middle school and high school. Sometimes I feel like my students ACT like they belong in elementary school. 🙂 But that’s middle school for you…one day like high school and the next like elementary!

    • jenorr says:

      I can’t imagine middle school. My memories of it are not too positive (although I had some fabulous teachers) so I think I’ve blocked it out.

      My husband is a college professor and when I taught 4th/5th grades it was astounding how often one of us would say something and the other would respond by saying their students are just like that. It’s less true now that I teach first graders. It was a good reminder that people are people, no matter the age.

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