Classroom Library Updates

Some years ago I started having my students set up our classroom library, thanks to much nudging and encouragement from a friend. It’s no small process every year with all the work we do beforehand and then the ridiculous number of books we have.

This year it has felt like my third graders have struggled some with using the library. I have lots of theories on why, but I’ve also been trying to figure how to help them. They sorted the books and labeled the baskets earlier in the year. Now they still seem unsure about how to find books or where to return them (and it takes all my self control not to holler, “Wherever you got it from!”). So I decided they needed signs like you’d find in a bookstore or library. These aren’t quite what I want them to be, but I’m hoping they’ll help. We’ll see…

One library sign in a corner section
Another library sign in a different corner
Library signs on table stands near our door
One more library sign with our bulletin board of book recommendations that I hope to introduce this week
Another shelf with another sign on a table stand


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