Problem Solving Teacher Shortages

On twitter, Jenn Binis frequently shares #PairedTexts. They fascinate me. Right now, I feel like I’m living a #PairedText.

A school board not too far from me has been discussing burning books and fired their superintendent in a way that is very likely to get them sued.

The governor who was inaugurated on Saturday has issued an executive order that said that school districts can keep mask mandates but parents can choose to have their children ignore them.

I’ve never thought more seriously about leaving the profession. And I’m not alone.


Lawmakers are working to make it easier for people to join the profession.


Lawmakers are working to make people not want to join the profession.


It feels like it gets worse everyday. Somehow I still love the job. I’ve got six more years. I hope I can keep loving it enough to do right by my students for that time.


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