Unexpected Poetry

I absolutely adore Bud Hunt. Which is likely an odd thing to say about someone I’ve spent very little in-person time with since I met him more than a decade ago at Educon. But it’s true.

His brilliance is only one of the reasons for adoring him, but it’s what I’m focused on right now. He wrote a post about Wordle that has me looking at it differently. Not while I’m working on it and not just as I solve it (something I’ve managed to do each day so far but I’m sure won’t last much longer). In fact, usually I feel such relief when I solve it that I totally forget about Bud’s brilliance. At some point, maybe a minute or two later, maybe much later in the day, I recall his post and click back to my Wordle tab. It means that Wordle brings me joy all over again.

It’s a poem. Not intentionally as I have no brain space for more than simply solving the Wordle. But I completely agree with Bud that frequently a poem emerges from my attempts.


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