All the Technology

Today we used our document camera a couple of times in ways that brought me so much joy. I went without a document camera for a bit and what I missed most was the way it allows us to share student work. We did that with student writing and math today.

We’re trying out ideas in nonfiction writing. So this kiddo shared her labeled picture. With our mic, of course.

I’m math, I challenged students to share 6 candy bars with 4 people. I gave them a ‘plate’ (a piece of construction paper) and ‘candy bars’ (index cards). They could draw on or cut the cards, whatever worked for them. Then a few students explained how they shared the candy bars.

One way of sharing 6 candy bars between 4 people.
Another way to share the candy bars.

I recorded the ways they shared.

I’m spite of the pictures I took, two of the kids who shared were girls and two were boys.

Having students be able to see the work of their peers is on par with being able to hear what their peers are saying. The document camera and the mic/speaker have made it possible for the kids to be the ones teaching each other. That’s where we are now and that’s exciting.


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