Authentic Writing Works, Eventually

Last week we used up the last of our paper towels. (This is only a tad upsetting as they are terrible paper towels. They do more to repel water than to absorb it.) As we eat breakfast in our classroom there are definite needs for paper towels on a daily basis. For a few days we were using tissues or napkins (if I could get to my stash to grab them in time). I finally got smart Monday afternoon and asked one of my students to write a note saying that we needed paper towels. I taped it to our paper towel dispenser.

It failed. No paper towels yesterday.

My young friend and I consoled each other over the failure of our brilliant plan. By chance, the special education teacher I work closely with happened to overhear our conversation. She suggested we move the sign to the door. Brilliant! Instead, I had my student write another sign and taped it to the door. I figured two was better than one.

Success! This morning we had paper towels again.

So at the end of the day, I had this same young friend write another note that we taped to the door. (His bus was called just before he finished so I finished the last word, at his request.)

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