Classroom Library – Finally!

It feels like it took a long time this year, but it’s possible I just don’t remember how long it takes because it’s been a while since we set up the library together. That was definitely something we didn’t get to do last year, when we were finally together in person in March.

This year I tried something new at the beginning. I set up a few baskets before the year began. A few baskets by series, a few by author, and a few by topic/subject (sports books, scary books). That gave us some organized baskets to begin in addition to the wrapped boxes we opened the first week full of a collection of books.

There’s some space left (including one small bookcase that is still empty) which will be helpful as we add baskets for the social studies baskets we’ll add as we study (Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Mali) and the authors of the month we’ll add after they’re on display.

We’re about two months into third grade and my kiddos read everyday for 30-45 minutes. Of course, some would read all day if they could and others work hard to get to that 30-45 minutes. I know our classroom library and their investment in it (both from setting it up and from maintaining it) contribute to their joy in and stamina with reading.

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  1. Charlene O'Brien says:

    Your library is magical! You’ve provided so much autonomy for your students and truly engaged them through this process. Nice work, class! Nice work, Ms. Orr.

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