Last Year’s Kids Rock

Just before specials today, three of my kiddos from last year stopped by. I remembered all of their names (this is no small thing – apparently my brain has room for one set of names only – thank goodness I’m not a middle or high school teacher) and I could not have been more excited to see them. I introduced them to this year’s group and then asked them if they had any advice for this class of third graders.

The first one spent a couple of minutes talking about how you can use different math strategies and that you’ll make mistakes with them and that’s okay, just stick with it. Math was her big anxiety this time last year so her advice seemed to fit and made me feel like she’s not so anxious about it now. Also, it was spot on for what we’re doing this week with the Week of Inspirational Math.

One of the others turned to the last one and asked if she wanted to go next. She demurred. (I’m not sure I’ve ever used that word but it is exactly what she did.) So her friend went ahead.

First of all, you need to know that you are going to have a lot of fun this year. Because Ms. Orr is the best teacher. And you better show respect.

The friend who previously demurred spoke up now to signal her support for this message.


If I could have called it a day in that moment, I would have done so.

In case yesterday’s post wasn’t fully clear before, this certainly made it so.

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