It’s All About the Books

I’ve been trying to get rid of some books from my classroom library. For all that I’ve tried to fight the fact, space is finite. If I want to add books, eventually some must go. I’m addition, an old friend and colleague is leaving the classroom for grad school and policy work and she passed many of her books to me. My teammates took a lot of them but there were a few still to go.

Last week we hosted Listening Conferences for our families. These are one-on-one conferences with us to help us get to know our incoming students (and their families) as we start of the year. I put books out for families and kids to take.

Many kids and families took home a book or a few. But there were still some left at the end. Fortunately, one of my fabulous teammates had worked with a counselor and our admin to set up a fun reading area in a corner of the hallway. The rest of our books are now there, ready for kids to enjoy.

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