Thankful for the Dads in My Life

I am blessed that Father’s Day is a positive day in my life. I know that isn’t true for many and I am immensely grateful for the father I have and for the father of my kids.

My own dad was here recently and spent one day scanning in as many old photos as I could find so that I now have them all digitally. What a gift that is. Plus, it means I have some fantastic old photos of him to share! It should be noted that I was born in the 1970s so fashion and decor here are all of the era. Also, I feel confident that three of these pictures are me with my dad, but the second one is my sister (I think).

In later years my dad has been dragged along, usually by my mom, but sometimes by me or other family members. I don’t know how much of what he’s done was what he wanted – if I had to guess, he’d rather have been on a couch reading. But he’s a pretty good sport.

And my husband, in his early days of being a dad.

Seriously, having these photos digitally, of my early years and of my own immediate family early on, is wonderful. And I would never have made it happen so I greatly appreciate the time my dad took to do it for us (of course, he didn’t have to go to the water park with my mom and my kids, so it had its positives).

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  1. BobO says:

    It’s easy being a dad when you daughter is so talented, kind, and smart (plenty of other things, too). Never did anything I didn’t want to, but every family needs a grump😉

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