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I strongly believe (at least I do so now, I don’t think I had any feelings about this prior to now) that certain things should not all be allowed to happen within a week of each other. In the past four days:

  • My youngest finished 8th grade and will now be heading to high school.
  • I finished the school year of all school years with the best group kids and families.
  • I got edits back to review for my first book that’s due out in November.
  • We went to a movie theater with random strangers for the first time in I don’t know how long, to see In the Heights.
  • An educator colleague and I took a big step forward on another project.
  • I attended orientation for my oldest to head to college this fall.

I’m exhausted.

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The first week out from a school year (and I’m not sure I can really say I’m there yet as my classroom isn’t completely packed) is always a time when I’m tired and just want to read and sleep for days. This year? Those feelings are amplified to an extreme. And honestly, I think that would be true even without my own kids hitting major milestones and the professional work and excitement outside of my day job.

I can’t yet stop and just read and sleep for days. I’ll find that time this summer, at some point, but not quite yet. If you need that, or need to just binge shows or visit (ideally vaccinated) friends, whatever your mental and emotional health requires after this past year, do it. I hereby give you permission. Feel free to show this to partners or children or parents or whoever might be judging or needing you.

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  1. Jenn, though I’m so excited to already be starting my next teaching adventure as the librarian in my school, I have to admit: the hauling of books, the pulling and pushing of heavy carts and furniture, the purging of decades’ old and unnecessary papers, the big decisions and the rethinking of the space while I can control it… it’s my way of detoxing from the past year and a half. Sweat, a little bit of blood (the edges of some rolling carts can be sharp!) and a lot of muscle fatigue are helping me, I don’t know… burn it out of my system? And once it’s gone, I too am going to s-l-e-e-p. A LOT.

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