These Kids, My Heart

We are assessing the heck out of kids right now. They are taking our state standardized SOL tests in math and reading (at my grade level), our county’s universal screener (iReady), and doing one-on-one reading with me. The last one is the only one I’m fine with. For one, I get meaningful information about them as readers from it. For another, one-on-one time with my kids has been rare this year and I’m grateful for it.

I assigned the universal screener as asynchronous work last Monday and today. My feeling is that they may or may not do it and I’m not invested in it. If they do, fine. If they don’t, fine. I’ve tried to keep it low key but the comments in our Google Classroom today suggest I may have failed. That said, the comments did bring me joy.

These kids have some serious voice. They have strong coping strategies. They support and encourage each other. I adore them and I am really going to miss them in a few weeks.

And now I want some cotton candy…

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