More Chat Joy

Apparently the only thing I can write about these days is our classroom chat. We’ll be back in person, in a hybrid setting, in just over a week so maybe that will change. Ironically, I will be back in the building next week, my last day in the building without students, will be next Friday, March 12th. March 12th of 2020 was the last day we were in school with students. So basically it will be as close to an exact year from the time we went virtual to the point I’m back in person with kids. I’m nervous and excited. All the emotions.

Back to the chat…

I haven’t been as consistent with our read aloud books this year as I usually am. However, today we finished Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog. We’re in the midst of a poetry unit in language arts and I try to do some connecting of our read aloud books and our current unit of study. So Love That Dog was on the list. (I have other povels – as my 5th graders called novels written through poetry many years ago – that I love, but this one is the one I know best and I stuck with it this year and it was perfect.) Two days ago we got to the point in the book at which Jack, the narrator, shares what happened to his dog, Sky. It was traumatic.

Today, we finished the book. More trauma.

One student returned from lunch a few minutes late and missed some of what we read so that kiddo was quite devastated. Everyone, that kiddo included, was so sad that the book was finished. To me, that’s a win, that they loved the book so much that they’re pained that it’s over. I promised them that both Love That Dog and Hate That Cat, the sequel, will both be available when we’re back in the building together in just over a week. I am making a large pile of books I know kids will want in their hands that week.

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