Poetry Love

Last week I shared this poem with my 3rd graders.

My students are 8 and 9 years old. This poem felt like a bit of a stretch. I read it to them twice (as I do with all poems) and then sat in silence for 30 seconds to a minute. (Wait time in the virtual setting is hard for me. It’s hard in person, but it’s harder here. I’m working on it.)

During the silence, the chat has some thoughts going.


After some silence, I decided my students weren’t really sure how to put their thoughts into words so I shared that when my own kids (now 17 and 14) were very young, people often remarked on their cuteness. My husband and I found ourselves telling these infants and toddlers that they were smart and kind and funny and so many other things. I told my students that we wanted our young children to hear more than just about their cuteness.

That set the chat going.

Hearing my students’ thoughts about the women in their lives, mostly their mothers, was amazing. It was uplifting and inspiring to read their thoughts.

The chat continues to be a true gift in our classroom.

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