Yay Books

On Friday I taught from my classroom in the school building because I had scheduled a meeting with our tech person to be sure I have everything set up the way I need it for when we return in person in a hybrid setting in a couple of weeks. I was dreading it, to be honest. Since last March I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve been in the building. Being in the building to prep the physical space or support my team has been fine but being there needing to work in the physical space and teach virtually was not something I was excited about doing.

As it turns out, I was glad to be there almost immediately. For one thing, I have a student teacher right now and Friday was the first chance we had to meet in person. That was an absolute delight. One of my teammates was also in the building and chatting with him, face to face rather than virtually, was also fantastic.

Before we started our morning meeting, I took a moment to walk around the classroom a bit with my laptop to show our students the space. They’ll be back on March 16th and I know there are a range of emotions about this transition. I hoped that seeing the room would ease some of the anxiety and feed some of the excitement. Even if the room looks nothing like I would like it to.

The majority of my classroom library books are still stuffed away in the cabinets. I opened the cabinet doors to show my third graders, while telling them that the books will be organized and much more accessible by the time they return.

The chat blew up and made my day.

That last line totally got me. That kid knows me.

One of my greatest fears about being virtual this year was how I would encourage and build a love of reading and writing with my students. This makes me think we’re doing okay.

Love the practicality of the one asking if there’s a bookshelf! We’ve got plenty. Just trying to figure out how to make the books as accessible as possible within COVID guidelines.

Virtual teaching has been far better than I anticipated it would be. There are even aspects of it that I love. On March 16th, though, when I put books into kids hands, in person, I will feel like I am back where I belong.

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