Still Figuring This All Out

One of my students this year can’t consistently participate in synchronous instruction. There are a variety of reasons for this, all of them valid. He’s an awesome kid with an amazing family and I miss having him in class regularly.

We (family and teachers) worked out an asynchronous plan for him. He is still doing all of the work and doing it well. Last week I made short screencast videos for him to explain assignments and do some quick teaching about content. I was also glad to have some kind of connection with him still.

Midway through last week I realized those videos could be helpful for all of my students. If they missed some information or directions or if they’ve forgotten what to do by the time they go back to finish something days later, the video could be useful. So this week I made the videos without talking directly to this student and attached them to the assignments in our google classroom. We’ll see if it helps.

I did make a few videos specific for this student, including a read aloud of a book. I am still glad for the individual connection with him through those.

Would I make these videos if it weren’t for this student? I don’t know. It’s not extra work for me, right now, as I’m already making them for him (that’s where it’s extra work). I’d like to think I would because I do think they’ll be useful for lots of kiddos. Again, I’ll guess I’ll see how this plays out. (It’s quite possible that making the videos will actually save me time in the long run as I won’t explain things as many times or repeat information. Maybe. If so, it’ll also be good for my mental health.)

#Educolor The Moment Is Now The Movement Is Now. Black T-Shirt Front

I was wearing my Educolor t-shirt at laptop distribution when I got the chance to meet this kiddo. Since then we’ve bonded even more with Hamilton references. Such joy.


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