Virtual Appreciation Note: Kelly Wickham Hurst

If you aren’t following Kelly Wickham Hurst on twitter you are missing out. Not just on the knowledge, although that is a huge thing to be missing, but also on the joy and fun. Kelly is brilliant and willing to share her brilliance. She is also hilarious and finds joy and humor in many different things.

Of course, maybe it’s just that I can relate sometimes:

I love those kinds of tweets from her. It’s a reminder to me that Kelly is human, in spite of my frequent sense that she is far beyond that. If she says to read something, I pay attention. If she’s talking about an issue or question or article, I’m listening. She’s sharing wisdom regularly and I’m grateful.

I feel like I first came across Kelly through Heather Armstrong’s blog, Dooce, but if so, I can’t find anything as early as I thought I’d seen it. There are a couple of posts, one from 2017 and a podcast from 2018 there with Kelly. So maybe. In October of 2018 (or so), I had the chance to be a part of a conversation with Kelly thanks to Larry Ferlazzo‘s Classroom Q & A podcast. We talked about our issues with dress codes.

Kelly founded and leads Being Black at School, an organization that is working to make schools safer and more equitable for Black students. Kelly was a teacher for 23 years. She knows the classroom and school realities. She also knows policy and data and advocacy. That’s a powerful combination. If you’re looking for an organization to support in this moment, I can not recommend this one highly enough. It’s not likely on a lot of radars and may not get the same influx of support many organizations are getting right now but it should. Its work is crucial to our society.

In addition to all that Kelly shares and teaches, she is who she is. She lives life genuinely and passionately. I am grateful for that too. She models for me what it is to be a woman, an educator, a mom, and more and to do it all while working to improve our society. I’m listening and watching and learning as best I can.

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