I Give Up

from Wes Peck’s flickr

Not for good. But for the moment.

All my joy yesterday disappeared when we got the news at 9:30 last night that we would not have synchronous learning times today and it is not clear when we will again.

I have lots of things to think about, things I’m learning through this process about our educational system, about myself, about my priorities, about my children and my husband, about other people. I’ll think about it all at some point.

For today, I’m giving up. I’ll check our Google Classroom to be there for my students. I’ll check my school email to be there for families or colleagues (and to be sure I’m aware of where things are going next, when we actually know).

Otherwise, I don’t think social media will be a healthy place for me today. There will be a lot of disappointment, which I totally get. There will also be a lot of anger and I can’t face that right now.

So, I’m curling up in bed with movies I’ve watched dozens of times, books i can disappear in, and comfort food. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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  1. Charlene O'Brien says:

    So sorry your kids won’t see you today. Hugs to you all!

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