Fresh Perspectives

Two days back in the classroom, after close to two months away from it (that story will come soon), has me seeing some things anew. Things I’d forgotten or that had become such a norm I didn’t notice them. It’s interesting to be in this position. After a summer break, things are expected to be new or unfamiliar. One doesn’t expect that in February.

Things I’m noticing right now:

  • my school is huge so I get a lot of steps in every day – nearly 5 miles yesterday and nearly 4 today
  • this job is really exhausting, even when I eat lunch by myself to recharge and don’t have team meetings during planning time (those things will not be true tomorrow, so…)
  • I need to stop at a bathroom when I can – I forgot about that today and definitely regretted it
  • teaching is more like customer service than I would have said – we spend a lot of time being ‘on’ or ‘up’ for other folks and that’s pretty exhausting
  • right now I have 21 students and I have had all but one of them since the first day of school this year – still, knowing them well enough to be the person they need is tough
  • I could have been asleep by 6 this evening, easy, and it’s only Tuesday
  • I am a very different parent now than I was last week when I had no full time job on my plate – it’s a choice I’ve made and I believe it is the right one but this aspect doesn’t really make me happy
  • a lot goes on in any given school day and I’m keeping a lot of plates in the air – or not keeping them there, as sometimes happens
  • even when this job is hard or ugly or exhausting, I love it – I love my kiddos, their families, my colleagues – I’m very, very lucky

from Brian Fitzgerald’s flickr – I feel seen

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  1. Charlene O'Brien says:

    It’s the best kind of tired. Glad you’re back “home.”

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