Finding Balance

Thursday morning I woke up with a sore throat. In case you aren’t an elementary school teacher or a parent of young children, Thursday was Halloween. Not a day it would be easy to take off from school, especially at the last minute. Friday morning was not different, not surprisingly. The sore throat was still there. Of course, my team had opted to invite families in to read with their kids for an hour that morning. Another day on which a guest teacher would have been a challenge (even if it was likely a sub would pick up a job at a primary school the day after Halloween…).

In recent years I have learned that a sore throat is my body’s way of letting me know that it needs a break. If, like I did this time, I opt to ignore the signs my body is sending me, it takes it to the next level. I woke up Saturday morning and felt awful. The sore throat was worse, I couldn’t stop coughing, and I just felt drained in every way. I was planning to attend a one-day conference in the area and spent quite a while in the morning debating the chances of attendance. I decided it would be a dumb move to go and spent the day resting. Today too. My body is still not completely ready to forgive me, but it seems willing to compromise. I have school all week, but kids won’t be in until Wednesday. That means I have two days that will be slightly more flexible and low-key. I’m hoping that will allow me to be in shape to get through the rest of November. (Chances are good my body will crash come Thanksgiving, but I’ll deal with that then.)


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