Boundaries Can Push Us Too

I have one little darling this year who loves to throw a football around at recess every day. Unfortunately, he doesn’t love lining up and going in with our class. So the deal, lately, is that if he doesn’t line up and I have to send someone to get him, he can’t play on the field the next day. He has to stay in the playground area. It’s a lot harder to pretend he doesn’t know we’re lining up when he’s in the same space as most of his classmates.

Today was one of those days he was stuck on the playground. Every time I looked at him he seemed to be having a great time. In spite of that fact, I’m sure he’ll be back on the field throwing a football tomorrow, but I was glad to see him enjoying the playground today.

It got me thinking back to a session on inquiry I did recently. I’m a big believer in inquiry. I try to do it in my classroom often. But not always. I’m not that good, for one thing. But, also, I think we need parameters, prompts, or other things that push us in a different way sometimes. That may be exactly what we need to discover a new passion or strategy or story that we never could have imagined.

from Roger’s flickr

My kiddo on the playground was, for the majority of the time, involved in some serious imaginary play today. Entire worlds were being created around the jungle gym and slides. That’s not happening on the field with the football. Neither is better or worse than the other, but I’m glad he’s having time and opportunities for both.

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