Today’s Celebrations

I met with a couple of guided writing groups today. This week I’ve finally been doing some serious writing conferences and meeting with targeted guided writing groups. That alone has been exciting. Talking to kids about their writing is such fun.

One group had done some great writing of personal narratives and I wanted to help them do some revising. They each picked the piece they want to publish and looked for dialogue in it. On the whole they didn’t find any because it’s not a natural thing for most kids to include in their writing. So we talked about what dialogue they could add and where in the story it belonged. They then wrote on post it notes to add these parts.

Also during our writing time I heard two students remark, not to me, on how they had used contractions in their writing. Fitting any kind of word study exploration into our day is a constant challenge for me but I put some in our morning messages every day. This week we’ve had contractions. And it’s clearly sinking in with some kiddos. Yay!

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