Moving Foward

Today was hard. Really hard.

Upon reflection, things are definitely better at school than they were in the first two or three weeks of the year. We have definitely made progress. And yet…

In some ways, this year so far, has been like seeing my teaching life under a microscope. Everything seems magnified. Everything is at its extreme.

At recess I had a conversation with a colleague and I said that I have never worked so hard to build relationships and still had kids not seem convinced that I’m on their side, that I’ve got their back. I don’t know if this is just this specific group of kids or if this is related to the fact that I teach military kids. It could be that these kids have so many people moving out of their lives regularly and that they move frequently and so they are less willing to invest in others. I could believe that but I don’t know that it’s true.

Regardless, I am working far harder than I ever have before. In many different ways.

I truly believe that kids don’t misbehave because they enjoy it. I truly believe that kids don’t misbehave just to annoy us. (At least not the majority of the time.) In general, I truly believe that kids misbehave because there is something going on, something making things difficult for them. They need our help to deal with whatever is making things harder for them.

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So, this weekend I’ve got some copies of the pages from Lost at School to help me think through what I’m seeing with a few kids. Hopefully this will help me think through the ways I can approach them to do some problem solving together around the challenges they seem to be facing. It won’t be some magical fix, I can accept that. But I need to know that we’re moving in the right direction.

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  1. Jim McConnell says:

    I think you are on the right track about the cause of misbehavior. They may be wanting to get attention and are checking how you will respond. Are you going to be there for them? Can they let down their guard and trust you? I am proud to know you! Blessings!

  2. Charlene says:

    Jenn, keep working on your relationships. I think your students are trying to connect. It may not be the best way they know how, yet.

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