Change is Hard

I’m thinking a lot these days about the challenges of change. I changed schools this year and I was prepared for it to be difficult, but I underestimated how hard it would be. There are so many things about change that make it hard. In this instance, there’s not knowing my teammates, not knowing my student and family population, not knowing the norms and traditions of my school, not knowing anything about military life (something that would be super useful)… There’s so much more I don’t know that is a result of this change. I signed on for this, I knew it would be rough, I’ll be fine.

My students, on the other hand, are adapting to change constantly. Possibly it’s change like the girl who moved to Germany two weeks ago. Possibly it’s change like for my two (at least) students who have a parent who deployed this month. Possibly it’s change like for the three students who are living in temporary housing because of mold in their homes. That just skims the surface of the change in my students’ lives.

I actually believe in the benefits of change. There’s a reason I’ve taught five different grade levels in three different schools. Lack of change can be stifling. That doesn’t change the fact that change is hard.

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