Exhausted AND Hopeful

This morning I received an email from a parent that brought tears to my eyes. She told me her child comes home each day and talks about how much she loves school and me. Another parent told me, on Friday, how much her son is loving school this year.

It is hard for me to describe how much these two things mean to me. I am finding the job harder this year than I have in a very long time. I adore these kiddos but I worry that I’m not able to do and be what they need. I am still worried about plenty, but knowing that kids are happy at school is huge. If they aren’t happy it is awfully hard to do much else. It is, in some ways, a low bar but it is a critical one to meet.

During our writing workshop today I read Daniel’s Good Day, a picture book about a little boy who asks all his neighbors what makes a day a good one. Their answers reflect who they are. The girl with a kite says a steady wind makes a good day. The mail deliverer says wagging tails. It’s a beautiful book.

After reading it we shared what makes days good for us. My kiddos said things like Fortnite, the pool, playing with friends, and such. Then we created a page in our writing notebook with the heading A Good Day Is…

As they added thoughts to this page, in words and/or pictures, multiple students came to show me things on their page. It was great fun and helped me get to know them better. Near the end of our time, several kiddos came to show me that they had added me to their page.

I headed home today feeling tired, like every day so far, but feeling satisfied and hopeful.

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  1. Micha Archer says:

    Thank you for reading my book to your class. I am so glad you like it!

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