Our Quiet Place (so far)

This desk sits behind our easel, blocking it from most of us on the carpet and from much of the rest of the room. It’s our Quiet Place. Every classroom (including the gym and library and such) in our school is supposed to have a Quiet Place available for kids.

Our spot has some tools that can be helpful in calming down, if needed. We’ve got the sequined pillow (it’s surprisingly calming to run your hand over it), a little water timer, a small maze, the Touch and Feel Mazes book (the mazes are raised bumps so your use your finger to solve them), and the little bird (it bounces down the pole in a way that I find relaxing to watch). We have a couple more tools that I haven’t introduced yet. This felt like enough to get us started.

The little timer is there in the hopes that kids won’t spend all day at this desk. The goal is it is a place to decompress or calm down.

I introduced it this morning. Plenty of kiddos went there throughout the day when (I think) they weren’t upset, to get a chance to check it out. Which makes perfect sense to me.

Others, at least three or four, went when they were upset. It seems to have been useful to them. I hope that continues to be true.

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