Ready or Not

I walked away from our classroom yesterday around 6 pm. I felt better than I had anticipated feeling as I left for the last time before students arrive on Monday morning. (If anyone had been opening the building up today, I would have been there. Instead I napped a lot. On the whole, I think that’s for the best.)


For several days the books for our classroom library were being unpacked and sorted and covered most of the tables in our classroom and some of the chairs with a few piles on the floor. Those books have now all been stored on bookcases and covered to hide them away until we’re ready for them. The decorated boxes on top of the one bookcase are the books we’ll unpack in the first week of schools. Groups of four or five kiddos will unwrap a box and we’ll pull out all the books, one by one.

I’ve also prepped about eight baskets with a range of books, ready for our independent reading on day one. Each basket has picture books, chapter books, nonfiction books, and a wide range of genres (realistic fiction, mystery, fantasy, humor, graphic novels) as well as a wide range of levels. I want every kid to be able to find a book or two they can read that excites them.

Their book boxes are prepped and placed around the room. Each book box has a reading notebook in it and four index cards (ready for them to use to label their box for the year). We’ll put books in these boxes on Monday.

Our author-of-the-month for September (August doesn’t get its own author as we’re only in school for four days this month) is Jacqueline Woodson. I’m excited to kick off the year with her because she has books at so many different reading levels and that appeal to so many kiddos. I’ll book talk these in the first week.

These are all the pictures I took on Friday just before leaving. I’m realizing that being ready for the first day of school, for me, mostly means making sure we’re ready to read that day!

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