Classroom Library

For most of my teaching career my classroom library has brought me great pride and joy. It has grown and it has evolved in ways that I think truly serve children. I can picture, in my first few years of teaching, the corner of my trailer that was my classroom library. The two or three bookcases that held all our books.

When I began setting up my classroom this year, in a new school and completely new space, where all those books will live was second only to our classroom gathering space. I usually have a corner still that I think of as our classroom library, just as I did in those early years. This year it is really all along the back wall of our classroom.

There is a bookcase along the far wall, under the bulletin board. Two bookcases back to back near the far pink/purple chair. The small white bookcase in the right hand corner. Perpendicular to it are two more bookcases (out of view here). But when I did the math, comparing this bookcase space to last year’s, I knew it was falling short.

One more bookcase at the other end of the room with math supplies and math-specific books. But still not enough space for our library.

So I added the two bookcases back to back on the left when you first enter the room. We’ll also put books on the built-in counter on the right-hand side in the back. That comes close to the space I had last year.

It also made my almost-16-year-old remark, “Mom, most classrooms have a classroom library. Your classroom IS a classroom library.”

I decided I’m totally okay with that.

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