More On My Issues

I went in to my new school today to check out my new classroom space. A new classroom space is equally exciting and terrifying. Determining how best to arrange the space is a challenge (even knowing that the kids and I will change it throughout the year).

I walked in today and found this: all of my issues waiting for me.

All of my stuff. I owe those poor custodians something fabulous for having to move all of that into this room. But boy did it overwhelm me to see it all there.

It got slightly better when I realized there are close to 30 desks in the room, most of which I will get rid off. (I will likely keep 3-5 as places students can work completely independently but mostly we’ll have tables.) There was also a teacher desk, which will go as I don’t use one. As well as a kidney table (a teacher favorite but not a table I like as it is huge) and a rectangular table – neither of which I want. So it was reassuring to realize that some of this will leave the room.

I spent my morning moving boxes out of the way so that I could begin to really get a sense of our classroom space. There’s still plenty to do but I feel like I have some thoughts. So much about being at a new school is unknown, it feels good to begin getting a handle on something, even if it’s something small.

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