Grateful and Hurting

At lunch time today I received a text from my sister sharing with me some family news that was upsetting. We texted back and forth as my students did our regular GoNoodle time, with me gaining more information as my sister is currently with my parents so she is more up to date. Both of us were pretty upset as she shared all she knew. I was okay while my kiddos danced around and signed off on texts as it was time to read to my 3rd graders.

I grabbed the book as they all sat down. Just as we do every day. Suddenly I was completely overwhelmed and couldn’t hold myself together. I just started crying. Through my tears I apologized to them. These fabulous kiddos sat quietly and looked at me with concern. A few quietly asked if I was okay.

As soon as I could I gave them the basic information. One darling got up and brought me tissues. Another quietly translated for one student who has only recently arrived from Honduras (and was likely wondering what on earth was going on with her teacher).

In short, they took of me and of each other. There is absolutely nothing more I could ask for.

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  1. Charlene says:

    Jenn, sorry for the family news. I hope things improve. Your students demonstrated learned behavior. I believe our work as teachers is to teach children to do things by themselves. Your work in the empathy and caring department looks done. Hugs.

  2. Thanks for always sharing your moments with us. I’m sorry your hurting right now.

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