Teacher Appreciation Week, Bonus

Teacher Appreciation Week has never been a big thing for me. If I’m not feeling appreciated (by my bosses or colleagues or students or their families) it isn’t likely that this week is going to do anything about it. If I am feeling appreciated (which has been overwhelmingly the case throughout my teaching career) then I don’t need this week.

That said, sometimes things happen during this week that bring me great joy. On Monday two of my kiddos brought me orchids (for which I have a special love, as I mentioned that day).

The note he included with the orchid.

Midway through Monday, one of those boys asked me if I liked Snickers. I said yes. He said, “Don’t ask me why I asked!”

The next morning he was one of the first to arrive and he looked a bit chagrined. He said, “Ms. Orr, the Snickers melted! So I brought you these instead.” And handed me a snack bag of Lays potato chips and a granola bar. He said, “My mom said everyone needs a protein bar.” His mom, upon realizing the Snickers was not an option, clearly grabbed treats she could find at home for me. It was such a kind and thoughtful gesture.

Later in the day he gave me more details about the Snickers. If I understand correctly he left it on the cable box (or something of the sort) and it melted. He informed he had put it in the freezer and if it was okay he’d bring it to me the next day. He did so. It was still in rough shape, but it was solid.

This boy has only been in my class a month. I am bowled over by the care he took in celebrating this week and his generosity toward me. It is such a gift to work with children.

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