Today’s Big Achievement

This might not seem like it should be such an achievement, but believe me it is. Several years ago our youngest was in first grade. I was also teaching first graders at the time. In fact, we were right across the hall from each other.

That year we had two weeks off for the winter break. I think it was the first time we’d had such a long break. I was used to having a little over a week off. So this felt like a significant gift.

Near the end of our break my daughter and I were chatting about going back to school and talking about her friends. She was sharing all the kids she was looking forward to seeing again and then she mentioned one little girl who had been in her kindergarten class. I said, “Oh Carla (we’ll call her Carla), I remember her. She’s a sweetheart. Is she in your class this year?”

My almost-7-year-old gave me a withering look and slowly said, “Mom. She’s in YOUR class.”

That’s when I realized that two weeks might be too long for me to be away from my students.

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