Trying to Be Clever

I always want to be clever when it comes to holiday gifts for my administrators. I don’t know why I feel like I should get them something much less why I feel compelled to be clever about it, but it is what it is. This year December was a bit more than I could handle. (Thank goodness I’d taken care of gifts for my colleagues and much of our family months ago. I’m rarely that on top of things but it was such a wonderful relief this year.)

Very last minute I pulled together a tin of goodies linked to initiatives at our school. We’re in our first year of being a Literacy Collaborative school so each of my administrators got a journal to go with our work on writing and reading.

For several years now we’ve been working on implementing math workshop so I included the chocolate money to represent that. The long box on the side is full of maple sugar leaves. Those connect to our amazing outdoor classroom that has been growing for a number of years but really expanded this year. The blood orange candies represent our fresh fruits and vegetables program. Our kiddos get a serving of a fresh fruit or vegetable as a snack three days a week. We had blood oranges recently. The Mixed Emotions jelly beans connect to our new work on The Positivity Project.

I’m satisfied with this as my gift but not impressed by it. It meets my minimum standards. Hopefully I’ll raise the bar a bit next year.

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  1. I think your minimum standard is still a pretty high bar for the rest of us. What a thoughtful way to connect the gift with the work you do together rather than just an obligation.

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