Reasons I’m Awesome, #1

Like many teachers, I think, I am hard on myself. I focus a lot on all of the things that I am not doing or not doing well or doing terribly. It’s a bit overwhelming and exhausting. So I’ve decided to focus on the things I do well. I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and write all about how awesome I am (in order to convince myself that I’m not as bad as it seems at times).

For several years now I have sent my students postcards. I try to send them one every quarter. Last year I managed to do that and sent them one for spring break and one in the summer. It was a good year. This year I’ve sent two postcards every week so far so I am definitely on track to get every kiddo a postcard every quarter.

I do this because I want to share with families the awesome stuff kiddos are doing. I write the postcard to the kids because its super fun for them to get mail and I’m sure their parents will see the cards as well. (Plus, it makes my day when kids greet me in the morning with, “You sent me a card!” as if I might not have realized.)

These aren’t actually postcards but they capture the same idea. The local library has an educator evening and invites teachers from the nearby elementary schools. We all get free kids books as well as snacks and other goodies. This year I picked books for each kid and wrote them a note about it. I used to let kids pick from the bunch, but a colleague told me she chooses for the kids and wraps the books. (I’m way too lazy to wrap anything.) But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. There’s a personal touch to choosing a book for a student. So my kiddos all got a book with a note from me.

Anyway, one of my kiddos from last year brought me this note a few weeks ago.

I covered her name, but the first page makes me laugh. I am always amused when kiddos tell me I’m the best n’th grade teacher they’ve ever had. I’m the only one, but whatever!

The second page makes me smile and tear up. What a generous student. How lucky I am to still get to engage with her now that she is no longer in my class? What a gift.

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  1. Charlene O'Brien says:

    Jenn, you’ve once again taught someone to fish by your presence in their day. That’s pretty good stuff.

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