In the Fog

In July I drove up in the Shenandoah Mountains and found myself in the thickest fog I have ever had to navigate. As I wound my way down the mountain the fog shifted and was thicker at times than others. Sometimes I felt as though I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of me. At other times it seemed like a typical view. At multiple points I found myself in clearer air thinking, “I didn’t realize how bad that fog was.” It hadn’t seem so thick and blinding until I was no longer in it. The sheer density of it wasn’t clear while I was in the midst.

Looking out at the mountain before leaving.

Is this what it means to be white? Do we think things are clear because we haven’t seen anything else? Do we live in a fog and not realize it?

I think so. And I think every time we feel it’s become clear we are wrong. We feel as though we’ve come out of the fog and we don’t realize how much fog is still there. We may have come to understand something we hadn’t understood before and so we think we understand everything.

We have a lot of fog to navigate. We need to keep pushing, learning, and questioning ourselves to clear it some. And then keep on working.

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