First Day Lunch Conversations

For the first couple of weeks of school we eat lunch in the cafeteria with our classes. I sat today, on our first day, surrounded by third graders and had the following conversation.

M: If you could be any animal, which one would you be?
Me: Wow. That’s quite a question. I don’t know. I’ll have to think about that one.
M: I’d be a cat. Then I could just poop and sit around being lazy all day.
K: I’d be a dolphin.
M: The only bad thing about being a cat would be coughing up hairballs.
Me: (thinking: that kid has really thought this through)
K: I’d be an ant.
Me: Wait, I thought you’d be a dolphin.
K; I’d be a dolphin in an ant suit.

As it was the first day of school I tried to give every kid near me as much attention as I could. This meant I didn’t do a very good job of eating my salad. Near the end of lunch, K (the dolphin in the ant suit) asked when lunch was going to be over and I pointed at my salad and said I hoped it wouldn’t be too soon so that I could finish.
She said, “Then stop talking and eat, Ms. Orr!”

I’m going to sit with other kids tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do a better job getting through my salad.

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