Welcoming Students



My daughters did my bulletin board so it’s far more clever than anything I have ever created. I especially love the little hole in the tree made from my name.

Some years ago I worked with a librarian I adored (I’ve actually been exceptionally lucky when it comes to librarians). When she pulled books from the library because they were falling apart, thanks to having been so loved by kiddos, she got creative. She offered these books to teachers for their images. We could use them in instruction or other ways, as long as we didn’t continue to use them as books (she didn’t want kids to get the message that these books were good enough for them as they clearly weren’t). I cut out some characters and laminated them.These few are now in the hallway near our room.

The speech bubbles are laminated so I’m hopeful students will take over with these and change what they are saying throughout the year.

This last piece isn’t so much about welcoming my students as it is about welcoming me. Our administration put these outside our classrooms with a variety of different quotes. I’m guessing it was random, but I love that my quote is from Alfie Kohn.

(I’m not actually Mrs. Orr as I didn’t change my name when I married, but I’ll live with it.)

I’ve shared this before but I still love this rug! It’s extra awesome because our whole team has them as one teammate bought them for us.

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