End of April Readings

April is one of my favorite months for certain blogs. I am highly impressed with what some people are able to do for Poetry Month.

from Steve Johnson’s flickr

For quite a few years Bud Hunt has posted an image each morning in April as a possible prompt for writing. The comments, with Kevin Hodgson‘s poems, make it even better. This link is to the final day of April (today) but I highly suggest you go back through the month. The images are amazing and the comments are fabulous.

Miss Rumphius, a professor at the University of Richmond, shares poems throughout the month. I enjoy poetry but I don’t tend to search it out so I greatly appreciate all of these just showing up for me each day. I’ve linked here to my favorite, but as before, check out the other posts throughout April.

Like Miss Rumphius, Ralph Fletcher shares poems throughout the month. These are his poems and some of them I’ve read before. That doesn’t diminish the joy I get from them. This one is at the end of April, but there are quite a few more to enjoy.

I am wowed by the poems that Mary Lee Hahn wrote throughout April. This post, from the beginning of the month, explains what she did.

For their part, I asked each of the 30 Squad Members to chose a quote they love. I originally intended to write a personalized Golden Shovel Poem for each student using their quote as the striking line. Although some may turn out to be specific to the student who chose the quote, most will pay tribute to some part of the 2017-2018 5th Grade Hahn Squad experience.

The poems are amazing. They make me want to get to know those students.

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