Even More Interesting Things to Read

Every once in a while it hits me how lucky I am to teach in an era in which it is so easy for educators to share their thinking and learning. Especially as so many brilliant ones do so regularly.

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Mary Lee Hahn spent the month of March writing teaching truths. I think there’s a book getting started with these posts and I want to read it. This links to the final post, but I highly recommend going back and reading them all. They’re short, but meaningful and worth the time.

It didn’t take too many times of seeing tweets from Sherri Spelic to realize I needed to follow her closely. She’s one of those people who is seriously thoughtful about what she says. So it’s worth listening. (She’s also one of those people who makes worlds collide for me as she’s friends with people in my husband’s world. This happens more than I ever expect.) This piece is the speech she gave at the March for Our Lives in Vienna, Austria.

Zac Chase, again, has a piece that really struck me. He writes about complimenting colleagues and the different way women and men typically respond. Of course, he doesn’t stop with just that observation, but continues by thinking through what we might be doing as teachers that impacts this. Finally, he wraps up with wonderings about what this means for how he should or shouldn’t be complimenting women.

These are all people I feel so lucky to have gotten to know, digitally or in real life. (If I haven’t met them in person, I am hoping so much to do so one day.) Another person I have had the great pleasure of meeting thanks to the internet is Michael Doyle. I would feel badly about waiting so long to share this piece, but the forecast suggests we could have another snow day soon. One of Doyle’s greatest strengths as a writer is to put into words and images his reflections on life and what that means for teaching. This is one of those pieces.

I greatly enjoyed the book George so it isn’t surprising that I thought this post from the Nerdy Book Club was a good one. It addresses the importance of having books about transgender characters (as well as all kinds of characters). This is something I’m still working on in my classroom library and I’m grateful for the reminder.

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  1. Thank you, Jen, for including me in this awesome round-up of posts. I read them all and made lots of new discoveries as well as reading posts from folks I had kind of lost track of. It means a lot to me that you not only took the time to read my speech but to also highlight my work in general. I am truly humbled. And I’m also curious, which friends are your husband’s?

    • jenorr says:

      Sherri, I am so grateful you share the way you do online. It is a blessing for so many of us. I’m glad you were able to find some gems in the other posts as well. The online educational world is astounding to me.

      My husband works with Jesse Stommel as well as other fabulous folks. My husband is a professor (and now, I guess, an administrator, although that’s still something I have trouble seeing). The higher ed world and the K-12 world don’t tend to overlap too often so it always fascinates me when it does.

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