Her Superpower

Our visit to the library this morning was an energetic one. Due to spring break it has been a while since my 3rd graders were there and they were quite excited to find new books. There were also lots of books available as today was the first day back from break so no one else had really been there to get the books we all wanted.

Our attempts to leave the library always seem somewhat futile. My students are desperate to search for ‘just one more book’ and they would rather sit and read than leave to head back to class (although, many weeks we go back to our room and read because I’m not that foolish). This morning, one girl was saying she wants to live in a library. I suggested she could be a librarian but she informed me that would not do because

a. she wants to live in the library, not work there
b. other people would be taking her books all the time.

Valid points.

She went on to say that she wished she could look at books and, if they glowed, know they were worth reading. That would be a fabulous super power.

from Jason Eppink’s flickr

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