Morning Message Success

Not only did my Friday morning start beautifully with the boy who wanted to read more than he wanted to eat, but our morning message lifted me up as well. We do our morning message on the Smartboard and there’s an interactive component to it. Some days the kids write about something on it, some days they measure things, some days they drag and sort things. Whatever I can figure out that will support our learning and, hopefully, be a bit fun.

Friday’s message had them sorting books into the categories of fiction and nonfiction. Most of the books I included are ones we have read together this year: Last Stop on Market StreetUp in the Garden and Down in the Dirt, Bink and Gollie, Two Truths and a Lie: It’s Alive!, Marty McGuire, Mango, Abuela, and Me, Inspector Flytrap, The Three Ninja Pigs, and Juana and Lucas. A few were titles I have read parts of to the students or I have book talked for them: Shark School Deep-Sea Disaster, Hands Around the Library, Frightlopedia, Zoobornsand Everything Sports.

I took this picture before they finished. This was the first day, ever, they ran out of things to sort and were disappointed. Typically some kids don’t manage to sort things because they’re eating breakfast and run out of time before the morning news show so I often have between 15 and 18 things to sort for 19 students. On Friday, though, everyone wanted a turn.

The best part was after some kids had picked a book and sorted it they kept talking about it. They discussed other books we’ve read that I hadn’t included, like Enginerds and This Is How We Do It. On their own they looked around at the books we’ve read this year in our displays by the carpet and talked about how they would sort them. It was exactly what I want from our morning message.

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