Breakfast and Books

At our school we provide breakfast for all, students and staff. We eat in our classrooms together every morning. It tends to be a bit of a chaotic, loud time in my room. Kids arrive as their buses arrive, in small groups over the course of about ten minutes. They come in, unpack, grab food or not, and chatter together. It’s a surprisingly lovely way to begin a day.

On Friday it was even lovelier than usual. The girl here does breakfast like this just about every day. She grabs her food and her book and gets rolling. As my oldest daughter says, “Food and a book? Perfect.”

The boy didn’t eat breakfast on Thursday and I was surprised. Usually I’m having to remind him to get finished eating as morning announcements are starting. Friday morning he wasn’t getting any food so I asked him if he was going to have breakfast. He said, “I want to read.”

After pausing long enough for my heart to go back down to its normal size I told him he was welcome to do both, eat and read. I pointed out the girl who does so daily. Problem solved.

I’ll be curious when we’re back tomorrow to see what he does.

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